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About Vitality CBD Gummies

  • Distinctly delicious
  • All natural flavors
  • 10 mg of CBD in each piece
  • Available in 15, 30, 60 count bottles
  • CBD-Rich Hemp Extract
  • Grass-fed gelatin
  • All natural flavors

Where Our CBD Comes From

Our CBD comes from carefully selected hemp plants right here in Oregon.  We’ve been involved in the breeding and cultivation of hemp in Oregon for nearly 10 years and only choose the highest quality hemp varieties to extract CBD from.

Organic Ethanol Extraction

Our full spectrum CBD oil is derived from our own regeneratively farmed hemp, and if needed, from other local and ethical farms who we know and trust their farming practices. The oil we use for our tinctures and gummies is cold processed with organic ethanol, then gently heated to evaporate off the excess ethanol. This process also converts most of the available CBD-A to CBD, which is the main active phytocannabinoid in our full spectrum oil.

Organic, Non-GMO, USA Grown Hemp

The hemp we use for our products is non-GMO, organically farmed , and grown right here in the USA.  Great CBD products start with high quality hemp plants and we take the utmost care to select only the best varieties for processing.  Did we mention we’ve been doing this for 10 years?


CBD is a type of naturally occurring chemical compound called a “cannabinoid”.   CBD is found in hemp plants, but cannabinoids are found everywhere in nature, not just in cannabis plants but also in plants like Echinacea, and even in chocolate (cacao).  Did you know that our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids that are called “endo-cannabinoids”?

There are hundreds of different cannabinoids and many exist naturally in hemp and cannabis plants.  CBD is just one cannabinoid.  THC is another, CBA CBC, CBL, the lists goes on.

Human beings have two systems of receptor cells which exist solely to process and use cannabinoids.  That’s all these receptor cells do, all day long.  One type is primarily found in the brain, and one primarily found in our immune systems.  These two types of receptors interact with different cannabinoids and studies have shown they seem to have different purposes, with brain receptors effecting our nervous system, stress, and anxiety, and immune receptors effecting inflammation.

While there remains much to be studied regarding CBD and its effects, there is little doubt that our bodies are built to interact with compounds like CBD.

There’s a lot of CBD on the market these days.   As producers, we feel it’s our duty to be a source of truth about CBD for consumersNot all CBD is created equal!

Just as different varieties of marijuana can have different effects, different varieties of hemp can have different effects on the body as well. The women in charge of our company have been closely involved with the cultivation of hemp plants in Southern Oregon for years.  Our products only use hemp strains with the most beneficial and effective mix of cannabinoids.

A 10 mg dose of CBD derived from different hemp plants is going to affect the body differently.  Just because something says “CBD” doesn’t mean that it is going to have the same effect as our carefully crafted full-spectrum CBD products.  Try it for yourself.  if you’re not satisfied within 30-days we’ll refund your money completely, and you can keep the product. 

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