The Cannabis plant has been used medicinally and functionally for thousands of years. Discovered by archaeologists in 2500-year-old ancient tombs in China, Cannabis is one of the earliest known herbs to have been utilized and revered by human kind. It’s documented use in Chinese literature for food, fiber and medicine goes back nearly 2000 years, as far back as the records go.

The First Herb is also a reference to the herbal revolution in the 1960’s when widespread cannabis use during the Vietnam War turned a generation on to the healing benefits of not only the Cannabis plant, but to all herbal forms of plant medicine. The movement towards utilizing the abundance of remedies that nature provides us has grown exponentially since then. Herbal medicine is reestablishing itself as the foundational method of achieving optimal health and well-being.

The Hemp Revolution is also upon us, as we reclaim our essential right to a plant that has over 50,000 known uses. Feel proud that your use of CBD medicine is supporting a greater mission towards widespread acceptance and adoption of hemp for food, fuel, fiber and medicine.

This plant has re-emerged at the most crucial time in our history on this planet and has the potential to reverse significantly the environmental damage that industrial material extraction activities have caused. From reducing pesticide and herbicide use, to reducing forest degradation from over-logging, to replacement of toxic petroleum derived plastics, there are many ways this plant can be our ally in regeneration of the earths ecosystem.

For all these reasons and more, we urge you to seek out hemp derived products and solutions whenever possible.

We know first hand how well these products work, and it brings us so much joy to hear about how CBD has changed your life. It’s why we do what we do. If you feel compelled to share your story with us, we will send you a 20% off coupon to use for a future purchase.

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